Analysis & modifications of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Data



ELEANA 3.0 is released.
This version requires LabVIEW Runtime Engine 2017



ELEANA 2.8 64bit is released.
This version requires LabVIEW Runtime Engine 2015
Several bug fixing. Added possibility to simulate/fit solid state EPR spectra.



ELEANA 2.7 64bit is released.
This version requires LabVIEW Runtime Engine 2015
Autoscaling was corrected. Fixed problem with random freezing during editing a function to fit. Added possibility to edit comments to each data. Added possibility to create data from table/clipboard. Fixed autoscaling issues.



ELEANA 2.6 is released.
Fixed issue with creating X axis after addition of results to the main dataset. Corrected Fast Fourier Transformation/Inverse FFT. Added Advanced subrotine for FFT and Inverse FFT. Added Hilbert transformation. Complete new Fitting procedure (tolerance and iterations can be defined, interactive curve preview, automatic recognition of parameters, parameter bounds, setting data range used for fitting, Origin-like user interface, basic constants for use. Small changes in UI look. Fixed race condition that broke autoscaling on some machines.



ELEANA 2.5 is released.
This release brings a massive bug fixing and it is strongly recomended to install the latest version. Some of the bugs were known for a very long time. Please do not use the older Eleana than 2.5.

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Below you may find some features implemented in ELEANA.

  1. Importing data in formats: Bruker EMX, ESP300E, Elexsys, WinEPR, Adani CMS8400 ascii, One or two-column ascii files.
  2. Loading/Saving Project files containing all spectra.
  3. Exporting selected spectrum or spreadsheet with selected spectra in ascii format.
  4. Baseline corrections: offset, polynomial or spline.
  5. Integrating/differentiation/pseudomodulation of the data.
  6. Fitting user defined functions to the data.
  7. Modifications of the spectra: subtraction. multiplications, rotations, filtering, autophase.
  8. FFT/Inverse FFT
  9. Ploting user defined functions.
  10. Analysis of power saturation curves.
  11. Other miscellaneous functions.

Eleana is still (and probably will always be) under developement. I would appreciate all information about the bugs that may appear during the use of the program.